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December 07, 2018

3, 2, 1 Liftoff Promo - 3 x MR33 or MR20 Access Points for the price of 2

Cisco Meraki are currently running their 3, 2, 1 Liftoff Promo whereby you can purchase 3 x MR33 Access Points or 3 x MR20 Access Points and licenses for the price of 2!

In short : Cisco Meraki end customers that purchase a minimum of three (3) Qualifying Wireless Access Points (either MR33 or MR20) and related Qualifying Wireless Software Licenses on a single purchase order are eligible to receive a discount off the Qualifying Wireless Access Points and related Qualifying Wireless Software Licenses such that (i) the three Qualifying Wireless Access Points are sold for the price of two Qualifying Wireless Access Points, and (ii) the three Qualifying Wireless Software Licenses are sold for the price of two Qualifying Wireless Software Licenses. 

Full terms and conditions can be found here

Please contact us before making a purchase to ensure we can obtain this special pricing for you.

December 07, 2018

End of Sale Announcement - MX65

Cisco Meraki is announcing the end-of-sale for the following products, in accordance with our End-of-Sale (EOS) Policy for Meraki cloud managed networking products. The MX65 and MX65W have been replaced with the following products, which are functionally equivalent:

End-of-Sale Model  Replacement Model
They expect to be accepting final orders for this product through May 28, 2019. However, the final date will depend on the availability of stock and, at Cisco Meraki's discretion, the actual end-of-sale date may be earlier than May 28, 2019. End-of-Support date for this product will be  May 28, 2026.
March 19, 2018

Buy 5 - Stream Live Promotion

Buy 5 Stream Live

Stretch your IT budget even further with the “Buy 5 | Stream Live” promotion!

Between now and July 27, 2018, when you purchase 5 or more high-density* Meraki APs (MR52, MR53, MR53E, MR84 only), Cisco Meraki will give you a Meraki security camera with a 3 year cloud management license absolutely free! This is a great way to add extra value and extra security to your business.

As always, new and existing Meraki customers receive 24/7 support, all future firmware updates, and new feature releases included in their product license. 

See here for full terms and conditions of the promo.

March 19, 2018

Welcome to

Welcome to, where you can purchase Cisco Meraki Products online for the first time in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands! is part of Cloudifi NZ Limited, a Meraki New Zealand Authorised Reseller based in Westport, New Zealand.  We're keen advocates of Cisco Meraki products and use them in our own solutions for customers.  We sell the full range of Meraki products and are Cisco Meraki experts offering design and installation services.

One of our team commented recently that Apple + Cisco = Meraki. From a design perspective it certainly looks like a love child of the two!  However you look at it, Cisco Meraki's products are the most aesthetically pleasing, robust, feature rich and manageable products we've ever had the pleasure of using!

From a Gateway for a Teleworker with Auto-provisioning VPN, to a high end Security Appliance that encompasses advanced features such as Content Management, Load Balancing and WAN Acceleration in one box - Meraki has the world of Small, Medium and Large business networking covered.

We look forward to helping you buy and implement Cisco Meraki solutions in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.





March 19, 2018

The Value in Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) isn’t a complicated concept. Simply put, it’s the sum of the upfront cost of a product or service and the direct and indirect costs incurred during its lifetime.

tco equation

Nevertheless, many buyers considering an IT infrastructure upgrade can fall into a pattern of using upfront cost as their key criteria. Not only does this inadvertently neglect potential products or solutions that may be much better suited, but in the long run may actually end up costing a lot more.

For most organizations there are usually multiple stakeholders involved in the IT purchasing process with the number increasing with company size. Our first touch point with customers tends to be with the IT folks. Testing out Meraki first-hand, we’re always amazed at how quickly they fall in love with the technology. Naturally the IT folks are convinced, but the next step in the buying process is typically around gaining buy-in from the various other functions in the internal buying chain. The stakeholders in this stage are frequently non-technical and have their own KPIs to satisfy. At this point we’re often asked by customers and partners alike for stats or numbers to quantify how much Meraki customers are saving in operational costs.

We set about acquiring this information and interviewed existing Meraki customers across various verticals to quantify how much time and money they’re saving compared to more traditional technologies. The results are now in:

Download PDF: English 

Highlights from the infographic:

  • Gartner estimates that 80% of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase (OpEx)
  • Meraki customers stand to save in the region of 90% on OpEx
  • Savings in shopping around for the cheapest hardware are likely to pale in comparison to the potential savings in OpEx with Meraki
  • A Wireless (Verizon authorized reseller) can bring 6 stores live with Merakitechnology for the cost of bringing one store live with traditional technology
  • Bar S Foods saved over $5M in production revenue with Meraki over 5 years
  • CNOS chose to deploy Meraki even though hardware costs were 15% more than traditional technology. CNOS was able to recover the difference in CapEx within 16 months over a 5-year comparison.