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Welcome to, where you can purchase Cisco Meraki Products online for the first time in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands! is part of Cloudifi NZ Limited, a Meraki New Zealand Authorised Reseller based in Westport, New Zealand.  We're keen advocates of Cisco Meraki products and use them in our own solutions for customers.  We sell the full range of Meraki products and are Cisco Meraki experts offering design and installation services.

One of our team commented recently that Apple + Cisco = Meraki. From a design perspective it certainly looks like a love child of the two!  However you look at it, Cisco Meraki's products are the most aesthetically pleasing, robust, feature rich and manageable products we've ever had the pleasure of using!

From a Gateway for a Teleworker with Auto-provisioning VPN, to a high end Security Appliance that encompasses advanced features such as Content Management, Load Balancing and WAN Acceleration in one box - Meraki has the world of Small, Medium and Large business networking covered.

We look forward to helping you buy and implement Cisco Meraki solutions in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.





Cloudmanagedwifi NZ Admin
Cloudmanagedwifi NZ Admin